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President’s Message

Summer 2014

Scott Johnson, Myelin Repair Foundation President, CEO and Founder … waiting for a cure since 1976

Forging Ahead into MRF’s 2014 – 2015 Year

July marked the beginning of a new year for the Myelin Repair Foundation as well as a major milestone: ten productive years of moving myelin repair discoveries closer to patients. When first diving into research back in 2004, we set out to develop novel drug targets to protect and repair myelin in the central nervous system. Today we continue on this quest—never deviating from our ultimate goal to deliver a myelin repair treatment to the MS community. We are honored to say that because of your generosity over the years we have established our own state-of-the-art Translational Medicine Center (TMC), and developed a promising pipeline of next generation therapeutics for MS. Thank you for helping us accomplish more in our first ten years than we ever thought possible!

To ensure MRF’s continued success, we call upon our dedicated team of world-class scientists, clinicians, and industry experts to convene several times a year and perform a detailed review and refinement of all of MRF’s scientific projects. This past spring—in preparation for our upcoming fiscal year—MRF’s Principal Investigators, Scientific Advisory Board members (SAB), and internal research staff convened in South San Francisco for MRF’s Annual Research Planning Meeting. Together this brain trust designed the 2014 - 2015 MRF Research Plan. The plan strategically maps out our highest priority programs for this fiscal year—allowing us to drive our most promising targets forward and focus on projects that are the most mission-critical.

The planning meeting was also an opportunity to review all of the MRF’s recent progress, including the accomplishments made at the MRF Translational Medicine Center. In recent months staff scientists at the TMC dramatically increased the throughput—or rate in which we can evaluate compounds for their myelin repair potential—with three novel assays developed by MRF’s research consortium. This is a crucial part of our translational medicine efforts, as increased throughput helps remove human bias, and creates more accurate, useful data that can lead to furthering drug discovery and development. Our Scientific Advisory Board was extremely pleased with the progress made by MRF scientists. In our 2014 - 2015 year the TMC will continue to de-risk and evaluate the most promising compounds generated by MRF-funded research and industry partnerships. We look forward to keeping you updated on these developments.

While we strongly believe that this year will be one of our most productive years yet on the road to delivering a myelin treatment to MS patients, we cannot pursue this work alone. We need your support to drive our research forward and accelerate promising treatments to patients. Please make a gift today and join us in creating a healthier future for MS patients everywhere.

Kind Regards,

Scott Johnson


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