Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does the clinical trial start?

The trial is scheduled to begin in 2015.

2. Is the MRF recruiting patients for this trial?

No, the MRF is not recruiting patients. As more Information about this trial becomes available, details will be posted on the NIH Clinical Trial website.

3. What is the MRF’s role in the trial?

Our researchers uncovered MRF-008’s potential to protect and repair myelin, and conducted extensive pre-clinical research. We are now helping to cover trial costs and will be working with NIH investigators to analyze trial data. 

4. Why is the drug called MRF-008?

We call the drug MRF-008 to denote it as one of the potential therapeutic targets in our pipeline that we are investigating through basic discovery, translational research and clinical development.

5. How can I learn about other clinical trials?

Visit the NIH Clinical Trial website.