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Myelin Repair: The Progress

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Our discovery biology program has produced extraordinary results in all areas of investigation. Today, we are prepared to move those results forward through a translational medicine platform that will demonstrate that what we have learned in animal cell cultures and models will produce the same results in humans. Doing so will increase the attractiveness of our targets for commercial partners and improve the likelihood of successful clinical trials.

We have only one incentive: To bring a myelin repair treatment to market for the millions of MS patients who can't afford to wait.

Discovery Biology

The success of our discovery biology program is unparalleled:

  • More than 100 potential myelin repair treatment targets
  • More than two dozen new research tools that may be used more broadly in all neurological research.
  • The publication of more than 120 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals.
  • The awarding of nine patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

For Patients, the depth and breadth of these discoveries provides multiple potential targets against which therapies may be developed and demonstrated.

For Pharma, our position as sole licensee for these high-quality discoveries provides the necessary assurances that pharma partners need to commercialize as many of these discoveries as possible.

Translational Medicine Platform

The success of our discovery biology program has provided us with a plethora of opportunities for further validation. At this time we have two development paths before us:

  • Validate the most promising novel myelin repair therapeutic targets through contract research organizations.
  • Investigate the potential for repositioning of more than 40 targets that are in clinical development by various companies for other indications.

The overall goal of our translational medicine platform is to confirm to what degree our basic discoveries demonstrated in animal cultures and models of MS translate to a human system, in this case, the human brain and spinal cord.

For Patients, the ability to understand, through laboratory tests, the biological processes of myelination in humans will be critical for reducing risk to patients and accelerating clinical trials for myelin repair.

For Pharma, developing this data will make our discoveries more attractive for commercial development.

Clinical Development

In preparation for seeking FDA approval for a myelin repair clinical trial, we have established a biomarker development initiative to identify systematic, measurable endpoints for myelin repair. Today, no such biomarkers exist.

The availability of these biomarkers or endpoints will help to reduce the size of and shorten the time frame for myelin repair clinical trials.

Our biomarker initiative is being developed under the guidance of our Clinical Advisory Board led by Dr. Henry McFarland, Former Chief of the Neuroimmunology Branch and Director of Clinical Neuroscience at the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. McFarland is a recognized leader in the field of MS research.

For Patients, shortening the time for clinical trials could mean getting promising treatments sooner.

For Pharma, this makes the process more cost effective.

For more details on our progress, see our Bibliography of Scientific Publications.

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