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Clinical Development

ARC Model Discovery Biology Translational Medicine Platform

The Myelin Repair Foundation and its clinical advisory board directs the clinical development portion of the research plan, offering potential commercial biopharma partners the highest-level of clinical expertise in multiple sclerosis clinical trials. Since there has not yet been a successful myelin repair clinical trial completed to date, our clinical development experts offer clinical trial design expertise and human proof-of-concept goal oriented trials for myelin repair.

The goal of our clinical development portion of the research plan is to shorten the time for clinical trials, in order for patients to receive promising treatments sooner, while making the drug development process more cost-effective and efficient for the pharmaceutical industry.

Learn more about our clinical development in the area of myelin repair.

Our Clinical Development Progress

The Myelin Repair Foundation and NIH Enter Agreement for the Clinical Development of MRF-008, a Drug Repurposing Opportunity for Multiple Sclerosis

The Myelin Repair Foundation Achieves Phase 1 Myelin Repair Clinical Trial

Multiple Sclerosis Expert Dr. Alfred Sandrock from Biogen Idec Joins the Myelin Repair Foundation’s Clinical Advisory Board

Myelin Repair Foundation Research Fosters a Clinical Trial for Multiple Sclerosis

What Others are Saying

“[The Myelin Repair Foundation’s] approach...could result in a promising future for big pharma, a sustainable future for the biomedical innovation ecosystem, and most importantly, a healthier future for patients.”

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