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Our Progress and Results

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As the only research organization addressing every phase in the drug discovery process—from research all the way to licensing by commercial drug developers—we are seeing amazing success in shortening the time to patient treatments.

Our initial focus has been on developing the next generation treatment for multiple sclerosis—myelin repair.

Significant Momentum

Our accomplishments and results to date, include:

  • Identification of many new potential myelin repair drug targets and numerous newly developed myelin research tools.
  • Recipient of nine patents
  • Publication of more than 120 scientific articles and reviews in peer-reviewed journals
  • Extensive relationship building and collaborations with commercial biopharmaceutical companies.
  • More than $60 million raised to support potential myelin repair targets advancing throughout the drug discovery continuum
  • The establishment of the Myelin Repair Foundation Translational Medicine Center and Translational Medicine Platform to translate our research into the clinical development phase.

What Others are Saying

“Breaking down barriers between academic research and commercial drug development will be the centerpiece of the Myelin Repair Foundation’s legacy.”

William K. Bowes Jr., Founder
Amgen and U.S. Venture Partners


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