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“We view the Myelin Repair Foundation's Accelerated Research Collaboration model as just that, a transformative idea with the potential to pioneer a new approach to medical research that can speed the discovery process and lead to the development of new treatments.” —Carl Schramm, former President and CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

About Us

Since 2004, the Myelin Repair Foundation has funded basic research that has led to the publication of more than 120 peer-reviewed scientific articles, the identification of more than 100 novel potential myelin repair treatment targets and the discovery of multiple new research tools—animal models and assays—that may help to accelerate research on all neurological diseases. The Myelin Repair Foundation is supported by the generous gifts of individuals, foundations and corporations. Since 2004, we have raised $60 million to support our myelin repair research program.

Photo of The Myelin Repair Foundation staff

The Myelin Repair Foundation staff

The Myelin Repair Foundation Model: Revolutionizing All Medical Research

The Myelin Repair Foundation demonstrated on myelin repair for MS, a new and comprehensive model for medical research and drug development that significantly shortens the time to market for new medicines for all diseases. By recognizing the incentives and limitations of academic scientists, commercial biopharma and government regulators, the Accelerated Research Collaboration ™ (ARC™) Model provides a clear pathway from bench to bedside by leveraging the Myelin Repair Foundation's position as a non-partisan, non-profit organization with only one goal in mind: shortening the time to market for new medicines for patients who can't afford to wait.

Learn more about our Research Consortium, Scientific Advisory Board, and Drug Discovery Advisory Board.

Focus on Biomarkers

The Myelin Repair Foundation is identifying biomarkers to help accelerate myelin repair treatments. Learn more about the importance of biomarkers and the role they play in getting treatments to patients.