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UPDATE: MRF launches innovative effort to identify biomarkers to speed myelin repair drug development and clinical trials.

About Scott Johnson

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Scott Johnson, Myelin Repair Foundation President, CEO and Founder … waiting for a cure since 1976

Speaking Topics:

  • Bottom-up Innovation for Accelerating Medical Research
  • Gaining Practical Benefit from Investments in Basic Science
  • Where are the Cures?
  • Patients First


Scott Johnson, who has been living with multiple sclerosis for over 35 years, is using his acumen as a business consultant and serial entrepreneur to reform a system for medical research and drug development that has failed to produce new patient treatments for millions living with chronic and debilitating diseases.

Featured in Fortune (September 2006) as a “lifesaving shakeup in the world of medical research”, Scott’s big idea has since delivered on that promise by (1) proving that basic science can be accelerated and (2) creating connections between academic scientists and those who commercially develop drugs. This will mean the faster development and delivery of patient treatments and cures.

The results of Scott’s Accelerated Research Collaboration™ model (ARC™) have been nothing short of extraordinary. Since its founding, the Myelin Repair Foundation-funded scientific collaboration has (1) identified over 100 novel potential targets; (2) developed many new research tools with broad application to all neurological disease research; (3) received seven U.S. patents and (4) published more than 120 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. To date, Scott raised $60 million from multiple sclerosis patients and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs toward this effort. Furthermore, more than 70 different disease-specific research organizations have expressed an interest in the model and how it might be used to leverage their own research investments.

Without pointing fingers, Scott explains how the current system for medical research and developing new drugs is failing to deliver patient treatments. His talks are inspirational for all patients and others with an interest in systemic change in complicated and archaic systems. His remarks are thoughtful and provocative.

He has spoken broadly on this topic at the National Cancer Instistute, the 12Gurus/NextGen Health conference, NASA, BIL/PIL, the Aspen Institute Health Forum and others. His ideas have been covered in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, New York Times, Fast Company, The Atlantic, Newsweek, Businessweek, the San Francisco Chronicle and more. In 2006, he was named as one of Scientific American's top 50 worldwide for business, science and policy leadership. In addition, Scott was recognized as the Northern California Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® in the Social Entrepreneurship category in 2010 and the award recipient of Research!America's 2012 Gordon and Llura Gund Leadership Award in 2012.

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Focus on Biomarkers

The Myelin Repair Foundation is identifying biomarkers to help accelerate myelin repair treatments. Learn more about the importance of biomarkers and the role they play in getting treatments to patients.